Our services

For those who sell

Appraisals and evaluations

The agency carries out appraisals to define the price and verify the cadastral, plant and energy situation. The to complete the negotiation more easily and quickly.

Promotion and marketing

The sales process is 360 °: portfolio of loyal customers, network of professional contacts, presence on various marketing channels

For those who buy

Needs analysis

The agency builds the ideal property with the client based on all the key factors: technical and ...

Custom search

The search starts from the property portfolio but extends to the vast network of contacts and partnerships to find.

After the purchase

Accompaniment in restructuring operations thanks to the long experience and technical expertise and network of business contacts, technicians and artisans.

International clientele

Support for those who want to buy a house in Italy with collaborators who speak English in all technical and bureaucratic aspects.

Legal technical assistance